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What is that, a patch for the game? After over a year? WHY? Well, because I do care, that's why. I recently replayed this game, as I do with all my games, and found a few things that didn't work as intended. So I sat my sexy ass down and did some work. And here we are, with the first, and, well, so far only patch because the game was already pretty solid. Alas, here are them patch notes:

- Fixed an issue with flickering black graphics on some hardware. This was a graphics card drivers issue that I worked around, so it should always look as intended. You are welcome.
- Fixed an issue with the final countdown. Not the song, but the escape sequence in the game. Because under very specific circumstances, the fail state wouldn't work. Now it always works, and you will always die if you fail to escape. Good.
- Fixed an issue where an item would not be counted towards your total completion, leading the game to tell you that you are still missing an item, even if that wasn't the case. The game now no longer lies to you. Hooray!
- Updated the startup screen with more information. While you may not think this is a big deal, it is to me. So this was for me, really.
- Worte a manual for those who got stuck or want to know more. I also linked to the comic, so read that, it's good fun. And free^^
- Tweaked boss AI and health. That made the first boss much easier and the third and fifth bosses slightly easier. This should eliminate nasty difficulty curves without making the game too easy.

And there you have it. Enjoy^^

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