Update and Patch Notes

Hi everyone,

A new update is out - yes, after all this time. It features a few small QOL improvements and bugfixes. I hope to have squashed all of them bugs at this point, hopefully, but if not, well, who knows, maybe I'll do another update. Hopefully that won't be necessary, tho.

  • Fixed a bug where the player would be able to slide while ducking in some rooms
  • Fixed a bug where freground elements would float with the camera
  • Fixed a bug that prevented one item from working properly
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the analogue stick from working properly
  • Fixed a bug where the lore text was cut off at the bottom
  • Tweaked jumpheight and walkspeed ever so slightly
  • Adjusted some lore to properly explain the items
  • Added information text to game start
  • Added a game manual
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

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